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Your 2008 Travel Guide to Fun in the Sun

Welcome to your New Travel Guide for 2008

Bon Voyage...
Exotic Destinations

Exotic Destinations -A Leading Travel Guide for 2008

Welcome to your Popular Destination Site....Sit back... Relax....and take in a Tour of the most popular Vacation Destinations....Brought to you with compliments of VIATOR, CruiseDirect and the Editor. TOP TEN VACATION DESTINATIONS FOR 2008...Paris,Rome,London,Barcelona,Amsterdam,Sydney,New York City,San Francisco,Las Vegas,Washington DC. Editors Choice: Barbados. Scroll down...totally great Travel Videos. NEW TRAVEL RESOURCES ADDED..CURRENCY CONVERTER,MAPS,TRAVEL BAGS,TRAVEL INSURANCE

London 2008

Educational Tours 2008

"Barbados Rocks"
Written, Sung and Produced by GiR2007-Professional Insanity

Beautiful Barbados

Beautiful Barbados

To see all things beautiful in Barbados, it would mean years of exploration! That is why this tour has been designed to give you an extensive insight to the beautiful coastlines of Barbados! You will see it all, and get plenty of opportunities to get some amazing photos!

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Top Travel Tips

Here are useful Travel Tips. Global Travel and Vacations: Luxury Travel on a Tight Budget Author: Chris Robertson Traveling on a tight budget often limits families and individuals from experiencing their vacation to the fullest. Butwith a little budgeting and research, you can enjoy a luxury vacation even on a tight budget. After all, you've worked hard all year long, and your vacation should be a relaxing, fun experience.

Create a Vacation Savings Plan
Instead of trying to gather up enough money for vacation at the last minute, develop a savings plan at the start of each year.Save only $20 per week and you'll have $1040.00 after 12 months. This can take care of the hotel bill and maybe more if you find a great bargain!

Save Money on Food
When you arrive at your destination, go shopping for groceries. Note: Be sure the hotel or resort provides a refrigerator and microwave or stove. Save your "dining out" money for a few really special evenings out. This will allow you to enjoy a few delicious meals instead of wasting dollars on fast food every day. One family-of-four meal at a fast food restaurant could cost $30 USD or more!

Reserve in Advance
If you know far enough in advance where and when you will take your holiday, you can book your hotel and flight in advance and receive savings. Phone the hotel or resort where you would like to stay several months ahead and ask them to mail their latest brochure to you. Often times the brochures will contain rates for certain dates along with coupons. You can take advantage of "early bird" or "off-season" discounts.

Get to Know Local or Online Travel Agents
Contact local travel agents in your area and ask to be notified when special deals arise. They are willing to help because they get paid a commission. Also, ask about brochures to various luxury resorts around the world so you can get an idea of where you would like to go.You can also join with a travel group online to receive enormous discounts on four and five star luxury resorts in Europe, Asia, Greece, Egypt, Israel, and many other destinations. Whether you'd like to stay at a beach resort, ski resort, golf resort,or take ocean cruises, they will do the research for you using their years of expertise. For even more savings, you can also sell global travel and vacations or memberships to others through a travel group and earn money. This allows you to work at home with your very own travel business or at least pay for your own vacation!

Plan Activities Online
Once you know your destination, you can plan some of the more expensive activities online in advance to enjoy Internet savings. Popular amusement parks, museums, and entertainment venues often give a discount for ordering tickets online in advance.

Save on Air Fare
If traveling by plane, try bidding on tickets to get a good price or look for departure times that offer cheaper rates. Many airlines cost less during the off-seasons as well.

No matter what your travel budget, you can enjoy a great vacation if you do enough advance planning. Make the most of your holiday while spending less!

About the author: Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies. For tips/information, click here: global travel and vacations Visit Majon's Travel directory.

Oxygenics.... As used in Leading Hotels

Many of the world's most elegant hotels and resort spas, from the Sheraton in San Francisco to the Sonesta Beach Hotel in Curacao to the Renaissance Wailea in Maui, have pleased guests for years with this ergonomically designed shower head.

Discover The Rich Cultural Diversity in which we live

Watch this episode of to see how old world European style, combines with new world energy in the Argentinean capitol of Buenos Aires. ; america; argentina; buenos aires; holiday; ideas; Latin; south america; spanish; Travel; vacation; Despite the US embargo and travel restrictions imposed on Cuba, the Caribbean country remains and vibrant place to visit. Watch this epsiode of SomaTravel to see and hear Cuba's rich variety of music and dance!; Cuba; Havana; Travel; caribbean; castro; holiday; latin america; vacation; In this episode of SomaTravel discover some community art projects that can be found all over Cuban society. Specifically, we take a look at Cuba's obsession with community murals and the upcoming 2008 art festival, "Inter-Nos." Will you be there; Cuba; Havana; Travel; caribbean; castro; holiday; island; latin america; vacation; In this thrid segment on our travels to Cuba, we take a closer look at the way Cubans live when a local named Rosa invites us into her home to cook tamales.; caribbean; castro; Cuba; Havana; holiday; latin america; Travel; vacation; In this installment of SomaTravel we get a better understanding of why Cuba is the birth place of the rumba and the salsa dance.; Cuba; Havana; caribbean; holiday; island; latin america; Travel; vacation; Watch this episode of to learn about all the wonderful things the city of Vancouver has to offer. Whether you chose to stay at a hotel within the city limits or along the coast and mountains, there are plenty activities that suit everyo; Canada; North America; Ski; Travel; bears; destinations; holiday; snowboard; vacation; vancouver; whistler; yaletown; Discover the beauty of Kerala, India in this episode of ; Travel; Yoga; holiday; india; vacation; In this episode of SomaTravel.TV we explore some beautiful sights from the majestic lost city of Machu Picchu. Explore the lost city of Machu Picchu tucked away in the Peruvian mountains.; Travel; holiday; machu piccu; south america; Visit the unforgettable city of Quito, Ecuador in this episode of From the city's unique geographic landscape to its amazing people - see why Quito is one destination no traveler should ignore.; Peru; Quito; Travel; south america; In this episode of SomaTravel.TV we visit the valley of Peru and learn about the ancient Inca city of Cusco. Specifically, we a get a taste of the native dance, religion, clothes, culture , and all around way of life.; Cusco; Ecuador; Travel; south america; is a monthly journey to destinations that explore the global diversity in which we live. pid353533426 sp?channel=316004133